They don't call him "The Massacre of Ceremonies" for nothing. No. In fact, they pay for the privilege. Fred Keating has been making audiences laugh and cry in classrooms, convention centres, onstage and onscreen for more than thirty years. These people are tired now and looking for others to replace them (more...)

From 1971 to 1973 Fred was writer and principal performer in The Goose Company, an improvisational troupe that had a regular Saturday morning commitment with WTOL, the CBS affiliate in Toledo, Ohio. Honest! Seven years later, he was appearing in a number of episodes of SCTV Network. (more...)
Fred had a loud voice. The school had no microphone or amplifiers. So they made him the Narrator of the Grade One Christmas play at school.
All the other kids got to wear bathrobes, wrap towels around their heads as shepherds and Magi and lounge around looking at a doll in a toy crib. (more...)
Fred Keating has been working with speech and communication students for over 30 years in both university and business environments.
Fred has coached executives, employees, and subject experts in live public speaking and on-camera presentation skills within corporate structures. (more...)