The purpose of the workshop is to assist participants in building a marketing plan for themselves involving self-assessment, identification of tangible tools, and the creation of goals and objectives for short and long term success in selling their skills as performers … outside the audition process.

Variations of this workshop are designed for high school seniors, university or college graduates of arts programs and adults looking at new career paths.

Key topics include:
• Networking outside the audition process.
• Cultivating Contacts: Professional Associations/ Continued Training
• The Rewards of Volunteering
• Mentors, Peers, and Puppies (the younger generation)
• Paying to stay in the game (financial and family resources)
• Incorporation
• Creating your own projects
• Strategies for staying solvent (diversification)
• Learning from others’ mistakes … and your own.
• Creating a toolkit: resumes, demo reels, agents, etc.
• Assessment of the self-designed Marketing Plan

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