Coaching sessions can be done on an individual or small group basis.

Fred's coaching classes are operated through Lindisfarne Productions Inc .
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“The program was great. It was a perfect combination of education and fun. I really enjoyed it and Fred was great.”

“He taught us that we are responsible for our own safety and the people we are “fighting” with are actually our teammates. We have to work together for our safety. Very helpful.”

“The course made us aware of our surroundings, backstage and onstage. It also made us care more about others while rehearsing for a play. I strongly recommend that the instructor comes back.”

“I went into your class an actor and left a businessman. Thank you for all your help. I won’t forget you when I’m famous.”

“Thank you so much for all of your great notes on the industry. Everything you told us really helps clear up so much!”

“Thanks for all your insights and sharing your experiences in the industry with us. The workshop has further motivated me to pursue my career in film and affirmed that I made the right decision to pursue my passion. Very much appreciated.”

“His training instilled a confidence within my own abilities that will last a lifetime. He also has a million tricks that will bring you through if, heaven forbid, that confidence should fail you …”

More testimonials (page 2) from clients who have endured and survived to tell about their experiences attending one of Fred's coaching sessions.

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