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Marvin Polis, President – Stimulant Strategies Inc.
“Had the pleasure of working with Fred for more than twenty years on countless projects, several of which won international awards. At TELUS, we engaged Fred to coach our President and other senior executives in presentation skills for a series of live, interactive television broadcasts to employees. Fred’s coaching was outstanding and our President won a prestigious award for hosting these broadcasts.”

Gary Willson, Senior Consultant - Communica Public Affairs Inc.
“Having worked with Fred on several projects dealing with very contentious public issues I’ve benefited firsthand from his sensitive and focused counsel in how to use various techniques to effectively share information with a potentially hostile audience.

Based on a study of your own unique communication style Fred provides you with specific suggestions as to how to orchestrate your speaking energies (and foibles!) to share your message in a comfortable, confident and fun manner.”

Dr. Murray Gray, Professor - University of Alberta
“We’ve all seen video clips where the subject on camera looks like a deer in the headlights and, as a result, the outcome is less than satisfactory.  I had the opportunity to work with Fred as I was preparing to speak in a video interview screened to a large audience. Fred helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses presenting on camera. He taught me to stay relaxed and natural, get the most out of my voice and to put in the odd pause or repetition so as to avoid an overly smooth or scripted presentation.

The teaching was memorable. Spend a session with Fred and you’ll remember his key points every time you start to speak.”

Shawn Paulson, Corporate Services - City of Edmonton
“Fred worked as a presentations skills coach with our internal staff at TELUS to make them feel more at ease and ultimately helped develop a “professional’ quality to all our training programs. Fred’s’ style and professionalism was recognized by the team as a key reason for success on our corporate projects.”


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