Hope you arrived home safely. It took me a couple of hours of frantic hunting before I figured you had taken the medal with you. The arrival of your photo today clinched it. Could you bring it back over when you return the silverware you pinched on your previous visit? Thanks.

Given that it is still winter in most of Canada the industry out here has been pretty active … and so have I.

I got to play opposite Emmy award winner Peter Coyote in the season opener of The 4400, the Paramount sci-fi thriller series about those folks abducted by aliens and then returned to Earth with strange powers. Remember we used to think the next door neighbours belonged to that club!

I was also cast as Duty Sergeant Mills of the San Francisco Police Department in a new series called The Evidence a couple weeks back and then got promoted to Chief of Police of the Seattle PD for a film called Mimzy and had a principal role in the Warner Bros. series Supernatural. So, considering it’s the “slow” season, for me it’s been anything but!

Mid-February I flew to Calgary to serve the Alberta Chambers of Commerce as Master of Ceremonies of their Alberta Business Awards of Distinction (for the eighth time) and will soon be jetting to Edmonton to do the same for the Grant MacEwan College Foundation’s  Mad Hatter’s Gala.

April must be Special Event Month as I’ll be doing the honours at award shows for the College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta, the Alberta Professional Engineers Geologists and Geophysicists (APEGGA’s Summit Awards), and the Pharmasave National Conference in Vancouver.

April will also see us taking possession of our new Lindisfarne Productions office in Edmonton. The office suite will include  “state of the art” post-production facilities and serve as a high tech launching pad for the video production services we provide for a variety of public and private sector clients.

Received my first 2007 booking last week: The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Fundraiser. Going to bed now to dream of some funny opening lines for that event. Never too soon to start researching one’s ad libs.