I know it’s been a while since I’ve written but your address changes so often. While it’s somewhat annoying to see all my letters come back marked Return to Sender, it is nice to see your distinctive “R” written in “Return”. That lets me know at least you’ve taken the time to personally affix the phrase to the envelope.

The Big News is the launch of “Fredweb”, a user-Fredly site to assist my broad fan base (that would be you and me!) to keep in touch and chart the volatile peaks and valleys of my so-called career.

Vox mundi revivant! The world of Voice returns! Several Vancouver recording studios (Westwood and Ocean, by name) have taken me under their amps for work on Japanese anime series such as Hikaro No Go where I play Jinguji, the tough guy; Tetsujin, where I am known as Professor Yamaguchi of Tokyo U.; and Starship Troopers where I inhabit the onscreen persona of the evil Commander Faraz!

Shooting has wrapped on the first season of DaVinci City Hall – the new series spawned from the seven seasons of DaVinci’s Inquest. What will become of nasty City Councilor Jack Pierce? Only time and the writing team will tell. I’ve had five good seasons on the series and would love five more!

Lindisfarne Productions (Edmonton) is up and humming under the new management of Simon Morgan. Contracts with Edmonton Public Schools and other soon-to-be-announced clients are underway and under budget. And that’s the way we like ‘em.

Mom, thanks for the Christmas package that arrived on Valentine’s Day. The tangerines were a little soft and I’ll consider the lump of coal as your first contribution to my goal of owning my own full-size steam locomotive by January 2007.

The other Valentine’s Day gift was the Alberta Centennial Medal presented to me by the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for my “contribution to the province, arts and society.”

I know what you’re thinking. I thought it was a mistake, too. Apparently not. They pinned me good at Government House on Valentine’s Day and I’ve got the scar on my chest to prove it.

But if they think this honour is going to stop me acting once and or all … they’ve got another think coming!

Must move along here. All the best to you and your cat, Attila.

As respectful and affectionate as I can be under the circumstances …