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Fred’s motivational speeches are usually given to young people interested in pursuing a career in the performing arts. A speech may be delivered on its own or as part of a longer workshop session with hands-on exercises and “action plan” design. The sessions are particularly helpful for those students in senior high or graduating college/university and embarking on the “business” of creating a career or the next step in defining one’s own personal and professional development.

The key messages include:
Explore. Whatever your current favorite activity is, there’s likely a place for you in the performing arts.  From business or technical skills, crafts, trades, arts, promotion or computer programming there will be a need for highly skilled and creative people in those areas.

Learn. Get as much education as you can while it is subsidized; take the time during those school years to learn the “soft” skills of teamwork, persistence, patience and effective communication.

Volunteer. Some of your longest lasting and most productive contacts and contracts will come out of your contributing to someone else’s success.

Persist. Stay in the game. Keep training. Seek out internships, workshops, special programs or opportunities to work with professionals.

Visualize yourself as a company with a product: you and your skills. Incorporate if necessary, learn about the “business” of being in the performing arts and how to benefit from tax advantages available to small business.

Seek advice from those fellow travelers a little further up and down the trail from you. You’d be surprised how many of them will be happy to help by offering advice and counsel and, occasionally, more opportunities.

Fees are determined by the time required for specific research, travel, rehearsal and performance.