The name Lindisfarne comes from the tiny island of Lindisfarne off the northeast coast of England. The island, separated from the mainland daily by high tides, is crowned with a small castle, fishing village, and the ruins of a medieval monastery. The monastic remnants stand in mute testament to the island's pivotal role in English-Scottish-Norse history.

The name Lindisfarne was chosen for the company because of the reputation for strength, vigilance and steadfastness associated with this special location. We also discovered that once people took the time to pronounce and spell the name correctly … they rarely forgot it. Or the quality of work and customer service that comes with a Lindisfarne production.

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Lindisfarne Productions Inc.

In 1984 Lindisfarne Productions Inc. was incorporated to administer Fred’s professional contracts from hosting, acting, writing and teaching. Since then Lindisfarne Productions has become a full-service audio-visual production company producing video programs in a variety of broadcast and webcast formats for government and corporate clients.

Demo reels in several formats are available from Simon Morgan at