This workshop is designed for senior high school or college students enrolled in drama or film/TV courses and covers principles of choreography and rehearsal technique for safely staging dramatic scenes requiring physical conflict and action.

Sessions may range from a single class period demonstration to a 2 – 3 hour special session involving principles of building action sequences. The one-day and two-day workshop versions include weaponry and fight choreography design and technique, rehearsal techniques, notation strategies and presentations for evaluation.

Fred’s kit includes 26 swords, 2 broadswords, ropes, chains, knives, clubs, a five-iron and a hockey stick. He also distributes comprehensive notes and sources of further information to each participant.

Subjects covered include:
• Warm-up exercises for concentration/cooperation/control
• The Stage Slap (importance of placement/balance/timing)
• Choking from the Front and Behind
• Punching and avoiding being punched
• Hairpulling, Scratching
• Use of elbows/knees/kicks
• Safe falling techniques
• Greco-Roman Wrestling (grappling safely)
• Defensive/Offensive Stage Swordwork
• Fighting in Character

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