They don't call him "The Massacre of Ceremonies" for nothing. No. In fact, they pay for the privilege.

Fred Keating has been making audiences laugh and cry in classrooms, convention centres, onstage and onscreen for more than thirty years. These people are tired now and looking for others to replace them.

So this website has been designed by their representatives to gently coax you into inviting Fred to your corporate or community conference or special event. You'll find ample evidence throughout the site of audience endurance and survival. Pictures. Testimonial statements. More pictures. Sworn statements attesting to the fact that he always shows up within a day or two of the agreed upon date. Even more pictures.

We've also included inspiring passages from brave clients who have had Fred write and host their annual events for many years. Cynics refer to this as "the triumph of hope over experience" syndrome. And some returning clients claim they will continue to ask Fred back to host their events until he "gets it right ;" Still others maintain he often gets it right... but only by accident. A very few believe Fred himself was caused by an accident. His parents refuse to comment.

There was, as well, some negative reaction from people when they learned about the existence and purpose of this website. As those contributions didn't seem to promote to the stated goal of the site, we omitted them. Let them pay for their own websites!

Oh, by the way, Fred speaks here on the site. If you want the Audio Tour click on the little icon that says Let the Man Talk. If you prefer the sound of silence, you can do here what thousands of captive audience members couldn't do without leaving the room: Shut Him Up. You'll have this option on every page.

Best Regards,